Status codes

Code Description
200 OK Successful get, patch (return a JSON object)
201 Created Successful post (return a JSON object)
202 Accepted Successful post, delete, path - async
204 No content Successful delete
206 Partial content Successful get - async

Error status

Code Description
401 Unauthorized Not authenticated
403 Forbidden Authenticated, but no permissions
422 Unprocessable entity Validation


HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Content-Type: application/json
  'id': 'auth_failed',
  'message': "You're not logged in."

Here’s an example of a possible error reply.


GET /api/foo
Accept: application/json; version=1

You can pass a version=x to the Accept request header. Info here


curl -is https://$


Request Description
GET /articles/1 read, returns 200
PUT /articles/1 edit (or path), returns 200
DELETE /articles/1 delete, returns 200
POST /articles create, returns 201
GET /articles list, returns 200


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