Expression Example Description
!! sudo !! Last command (sudo !!)
!* vim !* Last command’s parameters (vim !*)
!^   Last command’s first parameter
!$   Last command’s last parameter
!?ls <tab> sudo !?mv <tab> Command and params of last ls command
!?ls?:* <tab>   Params of last ls command
*(m0) rm *(m0) Last modified today
*(m-4)   Last modified <4 days ago

Change default shell

chsh -s `which zsh`

Process Substitution

Expression Example Description
<(COMMAND) grep "needle" <(curl "") Replace argument with named pipe/FIFO (read-only) with command output
=(COMMAND) vim =(curl "") Replace argument with file (writable) containing command output

Also see

Zsh is mostly compatible with Bash, so most everything in Bash’s cheatsheet also applies.

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