Screen or GNU Screen is a terminal multiplexer. In other words, it means that you can start a screen session and then open any number of windows (virtual terminals). This does not contain all of screen's commands and options, read GNU's manual to see everything



Options/Keybind Description
screen -S [name] Start a named session
ctrl+a ctrl+d Detach the current screen and go back to the terminal (screen session will stay running)
screen -ls or
screen -list
List all sessions
screen -r [name] Reattach to a screen (optionally by name)


Keybind Description
ctrl+a c Create a new screen tab inside a screen
ctrl+a [0-9] Switch to a screen tab by number 0 through 9
ctrl+a n Go to the next screen tab
ctrl+a p Go to the previous screen tab
ctrl+a k Kill current screen tab

Visual pleasure

Keybind Description
ctrl+a S Split a screen horizontally
ctrl+a | Split a screen vertically
ctrl+a ctrl+I or
ctrl+a tab
Change screen split
ctrl+a Q Remove all screen splits
ctrl+a C Clear the current screen tab


Keybind Description
ctrl+a A Rename current screen tab
ctrl+a k Kill current screen tab
ctrl+a ctrl+a Switch to last used screen tab
ctrl+a a Send ctrl+a to current screen tab
ctrl+a ctrl+w See a list of all screen tabs in the current screen
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