Basic example

rsync -avz ./src /dest


--exclude '.Trashes'
--exclude '.Spotlight-V100'
--exclude '.fseventsd'

Transfer options

-z, --compress
-n, --dry-run

Display options

-q, --quiet
-v, --verbose
-h, --human-readable

Skipping options

-u, --update     # skip files newer on dest
-c, --checksum   # skip based on checksum, not mod-time & size

Backup options

-b, --backup           # backup with suffix
    --suffix=SUFFIX    # default ~ without --backup-dir

Include options

--files-from=FILE    # read list of filenames from FILe

Archive options

-a, --archive    # archive (-rlptgoD)
-r, --recursive
-l, --links      # copy symlinks as links
-p, --perms      # preserve permissions
-t, --times      # preserve times
-g, --group      # preserve group
-o, --owner      # preserve owner
-D               # --devices --specials
--delete         # Delete extra files
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